Spirit of Life: A Time for Renewal

SOL in PO. 7 years ago found themselves struggling and there worship congregation was down. They committed to the renewal process. And in the last 7 years they started a whole process of the 3 great listenings. Listening to God. Listening to eachother in the congregation for strengths and dreams. And then, listening to their neighbors and seing who their neighbors are and how they can be in ministry to their neighbors. They adopted their neighborhood, developed an active

Almost doubled Sunday worship. Just got through a loan and worked out finances. People, focus, energy, and financial stability.  They are in a whole new place because they made a commitment as a congregation to the renewal process. The 3 great listenings. It’s been members and congregations of they synod that have been generous through mission support, we’ve been able to provide grants for the renewal process. Like helping SOL through the rough spots. Then there is Melanie, who is supported by this also.