What can we do better Together?

There are all kinds of changes happening both in society and in our churches. Sometimes change can be scary, but it’s also an opportunity to turn the corner and experiment with news ways to bring the gospel to people. It's time to take another step forward in our ministry here in the Southwestern Washington Synod!

If you were to visit any of our congregations, you'd find that they're all doing wonderful work and have a great core of people. Yet, they’re also aware that being church the way it worked 30 years ago doesn’t bring the same results. We all want to be faithful and continue our ministries. But our neighbors aren't coming church like they used to, and our numbers are decreasing. So, how do we stay an effective and vital ministry? 

If our neighbors aren't coming into church, then let's bring the gospel into our neighborhoods. It’s important that we will hang on to our identity and the best of our Lutheran tradition, but let's dream up new ways to bring the good news of Jesus Christ on this adventure into our neighborhoods.

This is a time for learning.