A Campaign for The Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA

Deep Roots, New Life celebrates the history of God's work through the Church and our Lutheran heritage, and looks to the future as the Spirit leads us to share God's love and grace through Jesus Christ.

Why Conduct a Campaign?

God is calling us to serve a rapidly changing region. We need — and the world expects — bold leadership and innovative congregations and ministries.

What is the purpose?

The purpose is to recruit and equip leaders and congregations to carry out our shared mission by empowering congregations and church leaders to grow in all areas of their ministries.

What about other forms of giving?

Ongoing offerings is the lifeblood of our shared ministry as a Synod and the ELCA. Gifts to Deep Roots, New Life, over and above Mission Support, will provide essential resources to accomplish even more through our congregations and ministries.