Our kairos moment together

It’s no secret that our culture is changing significantly. As a synod, we see this as a Kairos moment in our life together. But, we tend to gloss over the fact that many of our churches are struggling to survive. The challenges we face will never be solved with comfortable conversations. Even if it seems safer to sit-tight and wait for answers, we should at least consider the cost of maintaining the status quo. The challenging things -- what we most fear doing, asking, saying -- are very often exactly what we need to do. So, let's talk about it – together, as a Synod.


Discussion Overview

This conversation would take place over 4 weeks, starting on Sunday, April 8th. The format will be like an Adult Education Hour/Sunday Morning Forum. The Southwestern Washington Synod will provide all participating congregations with the necessary resources for you to just show up and participate.

Topics to Cover:

Week 1: Deep Roots: What is our story – yesterday and today?
Week 2: Faith in the Future: What do we hope the future holds for our church?
Week 3: The Realities of Today: What obstacles does our changing society present?
Week 4: What if This is It: What are we willing to do?

If your congregation is interested in participating, or you have thoughts and ideas for the discussion, please fill out the form below and we will keep you up-to-date.

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