Our culture is changing significantly. As a Synod, we see this as a kairos moment in our life together. We have an opportunity to use our resources to live into God's future with imagination and energy.

Alleviate Student Debt for Rostered Leaders

Two generations ago, theological education was funded primarily by our national church bodies. The trend has been an increasing burden placed upon the ministry candidate to pay for theological education.

Large debt can prevent seminary graduates from accepting calls to lower paying congregations because managing debt repayment could prove impossible. Your gifts will provide two benefits: scholarships for endorsed seminarians and AIMs from our Synod so that they can enter Lutheran ministry without a heavy financial burden; and, debt relief for theological education, so that pastors can boldly proclaim and model a life of good stewardship.


Support New and Renewing Congregations and Ministries

New... The Southwestern Washington Synod has launched eight new mission starts in the past six years — including two Korean, one Chinese, and one multi-ethnic congregation. Right now we are starting three new mission starts, including two Latino congregations. Our Mission Campaign would enable us to develop additional new congregations in our growing region, including mission starts that specifically reach out to young adults and families.

Renewing... Ten congregations in our Synod have committed themselves to a guided process of renewal and transformation. Throughout this renewal process, pastors and congregation members receive training and on-going support that helps build energy, focus, and skills for ministry. Many congregations in our Synod can benefit from this renewal process. The goal is to involve at least 50% of the Synod's congregations in a guided renewal process.